Why do I offer vitality life coaching?

It's simple.

  • Don't you want to feel good?

  • Have that zest for life?

  • Be planting the energetic seeds to live as your true sense of self?

  • Lead with purpose and passion?

Is it yes, yes, yes & yes! That is why I offer vitality coaching to clients.

We are still in a turmoil period in the world, with obstacles turning up from time to time. Realistically that will always be a part of life. Honestly, I was personally sick of feeling run down by all the things distracting me from what feels good, fresh, and alive over the past few years. For myself, what I have observed and personally experienced in my journey is that harmonising your inner ecology and intentionally anchoring into your days will support you in elevating the frequency you wish to express and activate your ability to discern and decide what will and won't penetrate your wellbeing fortress.

This was my journey, and I knew this was the medicine I could offer my clients.

You may not be too sure what vitality means. It has many definitions:

  • The capacity to live and grow.

  • The state of being strong and active

  • the power giving continuance of life, present in all living things.

  • Feeling aliveness

  • A state that brings a sense that one's actions have meaning, belonging and purpose

  • Healthy, capable and energetic.

No matter the definition, the theme is clear, to be inspired to live well, physically, spiritually, mentally, and energetically, while continuing to expand and have agency and purpose over your life.

So, how does that sound?

In theory, to me, this sounds wonderful. However, to achieve such a place is a process. We are hard-wired in our brains with a negative bias. Therefore, our survival instincts are primed to primarily focus on the negative aspects of our life. As a result, we have to put effort into feeling vitality. It requires a commitment. And in a busy world, where you might be stretched thin, all you want to do is kick back instead of adding more things to achieve onto your plate. I get you!

You are already doing a fantastic job of moving through each and every day as you are.

But what if you could thrive rather than survive.

That is where vitality life coaching comes into play and is so important to reflect on in your life.

For myself, like many, the pandemic offered a time to reflect on what is important in life. I realised a lifestyle was way more important than any career prospects. A slower & intentional way of being was way better than keeping up with the pace of a city. Connection to a genuine community that could grow and prosper filled my wellbeing cup. An environment to anchor in inspiration and expansion towards my soul work. This is what I personally needed to boost my vitality.

You are not responsible entirely for your vitality. One of the most important things to know is that your life force energy is also impacted by what is happening externally too, which you do not have control over. There is an endless range of conditions in our lives that impact how you feel and the level of vitality you may have.

We are frequently told that how we respond is entirely up to us in the personal development world. Well, I call BS.

What is not discussed is what is happening externally in our immediate world and how this influences what we may consider possible in our lives. I hope to share with my clients a deeper understanding of why things are presented the way they are and why it could be zapping our vitality. As we get to know ourselves at a profoundly personal level, we also begin to demand with conviction higher expectations and better conditions to live life for the present and future. Humans have shown time and time again that a collective force for good can also be powerful and set a new tone in the world we live in. But what we need first is people connecting to their personal vitality source to reset their own status quo and then tone for the better future we inherently desire as humans for future generations.

Have you ever thought about your vitality recipe?

When I have created my vitality framework, five key areas I work with clients include:

  • Energy

  • Wellbeing

  • Mindset

  • Self-Leadership

  • Connection

They have been essential themes in my own life story to explore what it means to be an inspired human in the world. Each of the five pillars supports you in thriving as who you are and how you engage in the world. When I work with clients, together we can explore as much or as little of these essential aspects as you like.

Exploring these ideas has been pivotal in my own life journey to overcome challenging situations, develop my strength and personal agency to take inspired actions, and build a life that I dream of. Sometimes I need to activate them all. Other times I need to rely on some and not others to navigate what is arising. I see exploring these pillars as the key to unlocking your vitality codes.

Are you interested in discussing further why vitality life coaching could be for you? I offer a free 30-minute discovery call to see why living from a place of vitality is essential and how activating this within can elevate your life and ambitions you may have. My clients often want to have a dream for themselves and the people of the world. I believe that by activating your life force vitality, you can bring these dreams to life and have the positive impact you envision.

So, why not give a complimentary discovery call a try. Find out more here today.

You deserve to feel alive and thrive. x

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