Time to celebrate - A little life update

It's been a while since I last touched base via my blog.

Honestly, I needed space.

In the weeks that followed my move to Newcastle, I started a role at a local university, kick-started my fitness after two years of description with F45, and spent time seeing old and new family and friends.

I also travelled to Melbourne and Hobart for my university graduation and the Beautiful You Coaching Academy Inspiration Day. It honestly feels terrific to be celebrating important occasions again and being able to connect and enjoy time with people who are important to me.

These experiences got me thinking about how important taking the time to celebrate is. Often we bypass an achievement after all the hard work and investment is put into it. Or we don't pat ourselves on the back for committing to things all the way through. After two years where many of us could not celebrate the many things in life, I wonder if we as humans will continue not to prioritise this in our experiences.

Celebrating is a ritual that humans have been doing across time to mark important events in our lives. These events are critical in developing identity and offering meaningful connection and belonging. It transcends into our well-being too. It reflects in our physical, emotional and mental health, relationships with family, friends, and communities. Celebrating it also can inspire and motivate others towards their personal goals and ambitions.

I know attending the celebrations of the weekend was very enriching. I felt connected to my studies in a new way (as I spent most of my time studying online), and it was beautiful to see others gaining so much from what they have accomplished.

I often hear about the financial investment in different celebrations, which can be a deterrent to enjoying an achievement. While I understand that people's financial situations are varied, a celebration can be from a simple moment of acknowledgement that something extraordinary was accomplished to a humble gathering or a more significant activity to share in the occasion. Many times (especially in the lockdowns), a small treat symbolised a moment of celebration of my commitment to my growth. It's never a burden. It is necessary.

More recently, I have experienced a reconnection in the ethos of Activate You Coaching, which is something that I am celebrating. In the space that I needed to find my groove, I have had drops of wisdom bringing the truth of my coaching and client journey to life. Watch this space. It is brewing. I am so excited.


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