How is returning to normal working for you?

I can't help but notice that there is a pull for the pace of the world to nmove upsteam towards a collective expectation to "return to normal."

Honestly, though, does this "normal" work for you?

I am looking around and witnessing the pressures from various sources, enforcing expectations like the past two years never happened. In addition, from every angle, we are being told life will get more challenging.

I wonder when did this get normalised.

The fragility of life was often assigned to the forgotten countries of the world. This was already unjust.

After moving through a collective crisis, how did we come out the other side with everything on even rockier foundations?

I have been reminded recently of the importance of harmony.

Before the emphasis on the economy, we were:

  • An ecosystem.

  • There was balance.

  • There was nurture.

  • There was collectievness.

  • There was alignment to the cycles of life.

How did this get lost in translation when humans didn't just survive but thrived for thousands of years.

I believe the system is holding onto tenterhooks to keep us churning away, "being productive" as the economy would like to see it.

But I will pose the question, Is going back to normal working for you?

I am hearing stories of exhaustion, stress, and anxiety.

This doesn't sound like something that is working well to me.

Creating your new normal is still as relevant now as it was one year ago. While the world might have opened up, we can see how vulnerable a complete emphasis on the economy is to our direct lives.

The way the economy is designed at this present moment is an artificial concept from the 1980s. It has changed many times before and can change again.

So I invite you to consider what Creating your New Normal can look like.

I am going through this myself too.

It looked like my lifestyle, the environment that I call home. Now I am reflecting on this through the lens of my daily life.

Also, through a broader collective. What is best for humans as a whole.

Certainly, economic strain from every crisis is not a sustainable way of being. Forcing us to work longer hours, to survive. Preventing the privilege to follow passions. Connecting deeply with presence. Rewarding the extra mile to exhaustion. Denying vitality.

I am pleased to see the media starting to explore that there is more to our lives than our productivity in the market. There are examples of countries prioritising wellbeing over pure economic metrics to influence decision making, so a new normal in a policy sense is forming.

Understanding that wellbeing is different for different people. We don't need to follow the collective. We can instead define on our own terms.

I don't think returning to normal is working. There are people around the world that can't feed their families. There are people around the world in conflict. There are people around the world depleted of energy. There are people around the world unsure of what the future can bring. There are people across the globe normalising that this is the way to be.

I disagree.

Like we have in the past, we can set new intentions. I invite you to reflect on what does a new normal looks like for you? I know it may be impossible to see.

You don't feel like returning to normal?

I hear you! I have made (and continue) changes in my life to learn from everything I learned over the past few years and prioritise what I value in different areas. This continues to be a work in progress, and if this is something you are interested in doing too, you can start with a small step - a free 1:1 discovery call.

This non-commitment approach can see if you are ready to take a leap and define your life metrics on your terms. To create your new normal today.

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