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I'm Jacqueline and thanks so much for stopping by.

I am passionate about what it means to be a human in the world. I embed a soulful approach to support people who are feeling disconnected from their own life to understand and activate their purpose, build confidence & vitality to live and express their truth and become leaders in their own world.

My Journey to Life Coaching

You might be wondering what lead me to take this journey to become a life coach?

I have a deep desire for adventure, fostering community and curiosity for learning. Witnessing what can be possible in life. 

Growing up in a small town in Australia, I followed the path that many take of completing my undergraduate double degree by age 22. After finishing a demanding university program, I knew that I desperately needed a break. When my friends continued with their studies or started their careers, I followed my intuition that I needed to pause, breathe and see what it's like to be human in other ways. This was the beginning of me trusting myself and forging my path in life. 

I always had this deep curiosity for understanding what life is like in the unknown, outside my bubble.  

One day, while organising my visas to live overseas, I vividly remember visiting my grandparents for lunch. That day I was surprised to learn for the first time about my grandmother's worldwide adventures in the 1950s when she was also in her early 20s. When she travelled, there were no planes, just months of travelling via ship to Europe. It also was a time when women in Australia didn't entertain the idea of travelling independently. She repeatedly was told she wouldn't make it, but she was ready and responded with, watch me.

Listening to her story after story, based on a beautiful album of black and white photos in chronological order of her worldwide trip, I became deeply inspired by my grandmother, leading her life with such conviction and determination to experience and see the world her way and go for it. She had even made the newspaper in Kansas, sharing the story of her travels as the idea of female travellers seeing the world was so radical at the time.


No one was going to tell her this trip wasn't possible back then and that courage rubbed off on me, to follow my intuition and take on the adventure of a lifetime.

Through her story, I gained the inspiration I needed, to experience life, in line with my own conviction. I always held her stories close, as I travelled too many cultures, with an open heart and deep curiosity to witness how life can be done differently from what I knew growing up in Australia. I was so interested in the diversity of cultures and experiences and seeing the variety of ways for what it means to be a human in this world. As I learnt about new cultures, I became curious to rethink my own beliefs, what felt authentic, and eliminate the ideas that no longer served my own life. These reflections have continued for me ever since.

It wasn't long after starting my career, I decided to pivot from my Health and Business background. I saw so much beauty in the diversity within humanity, but I also witnessed a lot of pain, and I was ready to try and have a positive impact and contribution to the world, no matter what. I had no choice but to keep honouring what felt right and embed more of my life experience into my career.


​I decided to study the humanities, something that intuitively felt right, to who I had become at that moment. This spoke my language, and through my International and Community development Masters degree, I got the exciting opportunity to move to Phnom Penh. Here I work for a Cambodian social enterprise that empowers female entrepreneurs in business skills throughout Cambodia. I saw the magic of how empowering one person impacts a whole integrated network of others in a community so powerfully. 

Also, I witnessed incredible self-belief, determination, strength, and joy from these women, that despite the gendered, cultural, and economic norms, they were and still are pioneers reshaping what the future can be for other people and the environment within their country.

By challenging what was possible for others and myself, I rethought my career aspirations, from a place of deep dissatisfaction to new industries and roles that offered greater meaning. I sought opportunities that focused on my purpose, to empower people to connect, grow and thrive within their personal agency. To activate this vision, I also committed to my personal development to stand in my integrity and strength to continue to make aligned choices. This improved my life, including boosting my confidence, speaking my truth, vulnerability and overcoming any limiting beliefs that impacted my self-esteem and morale in the past.

​My grandmother's story also inspired my move to become a life coach. Life coaching was something I had always been drawn to as a possible career to impact people's lives for the better on a whole new level. Near her 90th birthday, I went to see her, which became the last time I got to be in the presence of her smiling blue eyes. Saying goodbye was incredibly difficult, but my mother shared that my grandmother was extremely proud of me and how I go for things in life. Knowing this, a few days later, I signed up with the Beautiful You Coaching Academy to become a life coach, which also ended up being the eve of her passing. That program was another catalyst for radical uplift in my personal sovereignty and belief system, and I have so much gratitude that it has led me here today, founding Activate You Coaching.

It's from here, I invite you to become activated too.


Her legacy continues to inspire me to be that person who challenges what is possible and encourages others to go for what they want in life with deep strength, courage, and conviction. That is why I am here to share this message.

You too, can have an activated career and life full of vitality, confidence, and joy!

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Why I love this work

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Upleveling and discovering your purpose isn't just about changing one aspect of your life. In my 1:1 coaching program, I acknowledge that your purpose is much broader. Your purpose results from your awareness of who you are, what motivates you in life, how to confidently express your truth and be bold to activate this daily. 

I've created a holistic solution that helps you take an inventory of your life, connect with your true ambitions, and overcome the causes impacting your confidence, mindset, and relationship to self. As a Mindset and Confidence Coach, I dare you to connect to your soul and dreams by supporting you to liberate yourself from any limitations and constraints, embody your vision, express your magnificence and shine your personal light in the world. 


Through this transformative program, you will discover your unique value proposition (yes, we all have one), develop your own personal process to let go of limiting thoughts and elevate your true essence to thrive. I really believe in humanity from my experiences travelling the world and the stories of resilience and courage through the obstacles. We deserve to have a radical vision for our life, flourish, live in alignment, and find meaning in the impact we have. The beauty is this can manifest in so many ways that it is totally up to you. 

I also acknowledge that systemic factors and conditioning often predetermine the potential for the scope for someone's engagement within life, and not everyone is starting on an equal footing to even consider these aspirations for themselves. All that is needed right now is the chance to pause, breath, and be supported through this transformation process, one step at a time, for what it means to be human, for you in your truth. 

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I do this work as I know it's absolutely possible to confidently spread your wings and liberate your personal power, purpose, and conviction that can weave into your confidence both personally and professionally. I have the pleasure of witnessing this with my clients time and time again. 

I want you to know that your purpose matters and is just as important as the next person. I want you to unlock what's already inside you, waiting to come out and shine. I want you to know you are not alone in this journey. I have experienced it through my lens, and now I am here for you each step of the way. 

If you're thinking, 'hey, we should know each other!' I agree. I would love to hear from you. 

Do you want to find out how we can work together? Learn more about my 1:1 coaching program and book a free discovery call to see that life coaching with me is for you! 

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