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Hello You!

It's wonderful to have you stop by! My name is Jacqueline, mindset and confidence coach. It's my role to support your transformative experience to feel alive, and ultimately thrive with purpose and do some good in this world. 

Over time we all experience a wide array of setbacks in life. We may lose our sense of self or move off the path from who we are at a core. Other times, the pressures and expectations on the outside means we are not following what is in our heart and soul. Or like me, wondering why I feel like something is missing in my life, despite doing all the right things.

I get it. I have been there myself, in my way. 

Through this experience, I have wondered what happens if I follow what feels true to me within. If I play with the edges of what is comfortable in life, how would my life experience evolve, shift, ignite?

Are you ready to journey together?


You are the leader in your own life.

At some point in time, we need to take responsibility for our life experience, to up-level our own vitality & confidence.

That is where Activate You Coaching is here to support your journey in establishing your  personal blueprint for successfully embodying your sense of self. 

This is based on who you are, not what you have been told or believed to be. 

Activate You Coaching is centered around planting the seeds of your personal vitality. 

Self leadership . Mindset . Energy . Wellbeing . Community/Connection

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Im a multi-passionate adventurer, big thinker and eternal optimist. I have stepped out of my comfort zone once or twice before, and what I have learnt from those experiences is that taking some leaps of faith can open possibilities I never knew existed before. 

I have been there, and I can support you, on your incredible journey, to Activate You, your life. 

I love to combine my passions of understanding the human essence with intuition and the latest discoveries in science to offer a transformative holistic approach in building your confidence, vitality and embedding purpose and meaning. It's through these avenues new ideas and possibilities come to light that aims to enrich your life

I do understand that being human is complex, and there is no one easy solution to feel activated. Instead there is your own unique blueprint that you will discover, strengthen and bring to your daily life. This will be underpinned by a meaningful approach to what makes you feel refreshed, renewed and invigorated

Sound exciting?


Set the beautiful visions of your dreams, desires for your life.


Harmonise, balance and move towards what feels true for you. 


Bring your magic to life!

Flourish in the amazement of your personal magic and for achieving something wonderful for yourself.


Learn more about my coaching services and programs.

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I started coaching when I was struggling to connect to my truth and experiencing low confidence and self worth. 

I was surprised to see how fast I transformed, by committing to the goals and actions set each session and I continue to use the tools  I learnt till this day. I am proud to say the biggest change I have witnessed is my increased confidence, self love and speaking up for myself. I can also find a sense of peace within uncertainty and everyone has noticed how happier and brighter I am now. 

I don't know how to thank Jacqueline enough.

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